Discord IPO : Everything You Need to Know

Discord IPO
Discord IPO : Everything You Need to Know 6

You’ve probably heard the news that Discord is planning to go public with an initial public offering (IPO). If you spend any time on the popular chat app, this is kind of a big deal. An IPO can completely change a company, for better or worse. So as a Discord user, you’re no doubt wondering what this means for your favorite servers and chats. Will Discord change? Will it start placing more ads or try to monetize users? This IPO raises a lot of questions. Luckily, we’ve got the inside scoop for you. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Discord’s plans, the risks and potential benefits, and what it all means for the future of the platform you know and love.

Introduction Discord IPO

Discord going public could be huge news for gamers and investors alike. ###What is Discord? Discord is a popular messaging app geared toward gamers. It lets you create public and private chat channels to connect with friends or join larger gaming communities.

If Discord has an IPO, it would become one of the first major gaming companies to go public in years. ###Why is Discord going public? By having an IPO, Discord could raise a lot of money to expand its services, roll out new features, and gain more mainstream popularity.

An IPO could also make Discord’s founders and early investors very wealthy. However, it may mean Discord has to answer more to shareholders and meeting growth targets each quarter. ###What could an IPO mean for users? For most users, not much should change. Discord will likely keep its services free and focus on the features gamers love.

However, Discord may introduce new paid subscriptions or virtual goods to boost revenue. There could also be more ads, though Discord would risk angering users if they become too intrusive. ###The future looks bright If executed well, a Discord IPO could be a big win for everyone. Gamers get an even better Discord, investors gain a stake in a fast-growing company, and Discord has the resources to become a hub for even more gaming communities. The future looks bright for this popular messaging app.

Discord company stats

Discord IPO
Discord IPO : Everything You Need to Know 7

Discord is one of the fastest-growing startups, and with good reason. Launched in 2015, the company now has over 150 million monthly active users communicating across 3 billion messages per day. Discord started as a solution for gamers looking to chat with friends while playing together online, but it has since expanded into an all-purpose voice and text chat app for communities of all kinds.

Explosive growth

Discord’s growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. In just 5 years, the company has raised over $150 million in funding and grown to over 1,000 employees across 20 countries. Monthly active users have doubled year over year, and the company is on track to surpass $100 million in annual revenue.

An engaged user base

Discord users are highly engaged, spending on average 96 minutes per day communicating on the platform. Discord’s largest servers have over 1 million members, showing how the platform can scale to support huge communities. Discord makes money through a subscription model, offering premium features like custom emojis, higher audio quality, and increased file upload size limits.

What’s next?

With demand for virtual communication at an all-time high, Discord is poised for even more growth. An eventual IPO seems likely, which could value the company at well over $10 billion. Discord also continues expanding into new use cases, with many education systems, workplaces, and interest groups adopting the platform. The future looks bright for this startup success story.

How Discord generates income?

Discord ipo makes money in a few main ways. They have a premium service called Discord Nitro that offers additional features like custom emojis, higher quality video streaming, and larger file uploads. Nitro subscriptions start at $4.99/month and provide a steady source of revenue for the company.

Discord also profits from digital goods and cosmetic items like emoji packs, stickers, and other customization options. While the core service remains free, these add-on features appeal to dedicated users and content creators. Discord takes a cut of all sales on their platform.

More recently, Discord has started experimenting with brand sponsorships and partnerships. Esports organizations, gaming companies, and other brands can pay Discord to promote their servers and reach Discord’s large audience of gamers and content consumers. Discord has over 150 million monthly active users, making their platform an attractive one for brands targeting younger and gaming-focused demographics.

Discord also makes money on their new Nitro gift subscription option, which lets people buy Nitro gifts for their friends without needing to know their account details. This creates a simple new revenue stream for the company through an easy gifting experience.

With a devoted user base and multiple income sources now established, Discord seems poised to continue growing their business through a mix of subscriptions, digital goods, brand deals, and other monetization strategies. By keeping their core chatting and community service free, Discord is able to build goodwill with users while still profiting from dedicated customers and brand partnerships. Their model has led to a successful and sustainable business that benefits both the company and its many communities.

Discord’s key competitors

Discord IPO
Discord IPO : Everything You Need to Know 8

As Discord gears up for their IPO, investors are eying their main competitors in the space. Discord faces stiff competition from established tech giants as well as other up and coming startups.


Slack is Discord’s biggest threat. The workplace communication app is popular with businesses and teams. While Discord targets gamers, Slack aims for enterprise and productivity. Slack’s simple, intuitive interface and strong third-party integration make it a favorite for work. However, Slack’s pricing model based on number of messages and storage space may drive some smaller teams to Discord’s freemium model.

Microsoft Teams

As part of the Microsoft 365 suite, Teams is another major competitor. Like Slack, Teams is focused on workplace collaboration and productivity. Teams offers tight integration with other Microsoft apps like Word, Excel and SharePoint. However, Teams can seem clunky and difficult to navigate compared to Discord and Slack. Teams is also only available as part of a Microsoft 365 business subscription.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is Discord’s competitor in the free messaging space. Hangouts offers text chat, voice calls, and video calls for free. However, Hangouts is mainly geared toward personal use and lacks the community features of Discord like dedicated servers, roles, and permissions. Hangouts also has a barebones interface that seems outdated compared to Discord’s sleek and modern design.

While competition in the messaging and collaboration space is intense, Discord has carved out a niche with its dedicated focus on gaming communities. By continuing to build features tailored to the needs of gamers, Discord can defend against these larger competitors and thrive in the years to come.

Investor Expectations

Discord’s IPO is hotly anticipated, and investors have high hopes for the company’s future. As an investor, you’re likely attracted to Discord’s impressive growth and popularity, especially among younger users. In 2020, Discord reached over 100 million MAUs, up from just 14 million in 2018. Revenue is also climbing, up over 130% in 2020.

However, Discord is still not profitable, posting a net loss of $45 million in 2020. Investors will want to see Discord’s losses narrow over the next couple of years as the company benefits from scale. Discord makes money through its Nitro subscription service and in-app purchases, so growing its paying subscriber base will be key. Some investors may worry Discord’s model relies too heavily on younger users who typically have less spending power.

Discord’s road to profitability likely depends on boosting its average revenue per user (ARPU) through additional monetization efforts that don’t compromise the user experience. New features like server subscriptions and virtual gifting could open up revenue streams while maintaining Discord’s appeal. Of course, Discord will have to balance monetization and user experience carefully to avoid backlash.

Overall, investors attracted to Discord’s growth and popularity should see its IPO as a long-term play. Revenue and profits may be limited in the near term, but if Discord can successfully monetize its huge user base over time without compromising the user experience, the company could be very valuable. Investors will want to watch Discord’s key metrics like MAUs, ARPU, and revenue growth to track its progress.

Risks and Challenges

Discord faces several risks in going public. As a tech company, Discord is vulnerable to security breaches that compromise users’ data and privacy. Any major data leaks could damage Discord’s reputation and user trust, potentially impacting revenue and growth.

Discord also faces increasing competition in the messaging and communication space from major tech players. Platforms like Facebook, Microsoft and Google all offer messaging services and tools that directly compete with Discord’s core offerings. These massive companies have huge amounts of resources and data that could put Discord at a disadvantage.

Discord’s business model relies primarily on Nitro subscriptions and in-app purchases. If Discord struggles to attract new Nitro subscribers or keep existing ones, it may be difficult to generate profits and strong revenue growth over the long run. Discord will need to continue improving Nitro’s features and value to subscribers to mitigate this risk.

Some investors may see Discord as overvalued given that it is not yet profitable. Discord’s IPO price and valuation will depend heavily on its growth potential and path to profitability. If Discord’s post-IPO performance does not meet high expectations, its stock price could drop sharply. Discord’s leadership will need to effectively communicate Discord’s key opportunities and milestones to shareholders.

Overall, while Discord’s IPO will provide additional funding for growth, it also brings more public scrutiny and pressure to meet targets. Discord must continue improving its platform, attracting new users, and optimizing its business model to overcome these risks and challenges. With strong leadership and a clear vision, Discord can thrive as a public company. But it will not be without risks that could impact the company’s value and performance.

Understanding the IPO: Timing, location, and expectations

Discord IPO
Discord IPO : Everything You Need to Know 9

Discord initially announced plans to go public in late 2020 but delayed their IPO until 2021 due to market volatility. The timing of Discord’s IPO will depend on market conditions and their financials. Most experts predict Discord will aim for an IPO in mid to late 2021 if market conditions remain favorable.

Timing is everything

Discord will want to time their IPO to maximize their valuation and raise the most capital. If tech stocks and the overall market are performing well, it may signal the right time for Discord to move forward with an IPO to take advantage of investor enthusiasm. However, if the market is shaky or investor sentiment has soured, Discord may delay their IPO to avoid a lower valuation and less capital raised.

Location matters too

Discord ipo will need to determine where they want to list their stock. The two leading options are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Nasdaq. The NYSE has more stringent listing requirements but is considered more prestigious. The Nasdaq is more popular with tech companies. Either exchange would give Discord ipo increased visibility, credibility and access to capital to fuel their growth.

What to expect

Discord’s IPO is expected to generate a lot of excitement given their popularity and growth. However, their financials will ultimately determine their initial valuation and stock price. Discord ipo has not yet disclosed their financials but as the IPO approaches, investors will be eager to analyze their financial health and growth prospects. If Discord can demonstrate strong revenue and user growth, their IPO may very well end up as one of the hottest tech IPOs of 2021.

How to trade Discord IPO with Axi in 3 easy steps

Now that Discord ipo has gone public, you can trade its stock through a broker like Axi. Here are three easy steps to get you started:

  1. Open a trading account. Head to Axi’s website and open either a standard brokerage account or an options trading account. You’ll need to provide some personal information and funding to get started. Axi offers $0 commissions for stock, ETF and options trading in the US, so you can buy and sell Discord stock without fees.

  2. Fund your account. Once your account is open, deposit money via bank transfer, wire, or electronic funds transfer. Your funds will be available in your account within 1-2 business days. Make sure you deposit enough to purchase at least 100 shares of Discord ipo, which will likely trade between $30 to $50 per share at its IPO.

  3. Buy Discord stock. Place a buy order for Discord’s stock ticker, which is “DISC.” Enter either the number of shares you want to buy or the total dollar amount you want to invest. Your order will be filled at the current market price. Once the trade is complete, you’ll see the Discord ipo shares in your portfolio.

That’s the basic process for trading in Discord’s initial public offering through Axi. Of course, be prepared for the share price to fluctuate in the early days of trading as investors determine the value. Do your own research to decide if Discord ipo is a good long-term investment for your portfolio. With low-cost trading and 24/7 support, Axi can help you invest in today’s most exciting companies.


So there you have it, an inside look at Discord ipo and everything you need to know about their upcoming IPO. Whether you’re an avid Discord ipo user yourself or just invested in the tech space, it’s an exciting milestone for the company and will be interesting to watch in the months ahead. As a platform that’s become so integral to online communities and modern communication, the IPO stands to push Discord ipo into the mainstream in a big way. While the future is unclear, one thing is certain – Discord ipo has come a long way since its start and has shaped the way we interact online. Its next chapter as a publicly traded company will likely only expand that influence.

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