Focals North Smart Glasses: My Honest Review

Focals North
Focals North Smart Glasses: My Honest Review 5

You’re no stranger to smart glasses by now. From Google Glass to North Focals, companies keep trying to make wearable tech stylish. But none have really hit the mark. So when Focals 2.0 dropped with a better look and some new tricks, you had to try them out. In this 100-word review, I’ll give you an honest take on Focals North – the good, the bad, and whether they’re worth the hefty price tag. Spoiler: the answer may surprise you. Stick around to get the scoop on these slick smart glasses and find out if they live up to the hype or fall flat.

Introducing Focals North: What Are These Smart Glasses?

Focals North smart glasses look like ordinary glasses but pack some seriously advanced tech inside. They feature a holographic display that projects visual information onto the lens so only you can see it. Think of it like a personal heads-up display for real life.

How Do They Work?

Focals use specialized waveguide technology to reflect light onto your retina, creating crisp holographic images that appear to float in your field of view. A tiny projector beams the light into the lens, which then reflects it into your eye. The end result is a seamless blend of digital content and the real world around you.

You can do things like read and respond to texts, get turn-by-turn directions, check the weather, and more using simple gestures and voice commands. Focals are designed to keep you present in the moment while giving you quick access to helpful information when you need it.

They aim to reduce distractions, not create them.

Are They Easy To Use?

Focals North are made to feel as natural as wearing regular glasses. They are lightweight, comfortable, and customizable to your specific vision needs. The interface uses intuitive controls like nods, gestures, and conversational voice commands. There is a short learning curve, but within a day or two, interacting with Focals should feel second nature. The goal is to keep things simple so you can stay focused on living your life, not operating the tech.

If you’re someone who wants to stay connected in a convenient yet unobtrusive way, Focals North smart glasses could be the perfect solution. They seamlessly blend technology with reality to help enhance your experiences, not distract from them. The future is here, and it looks a lot like regular eyeglasses.

Unboxing and Setup: Getting Started With Focals

When your Focals North smart glasses arrive, you’ll be eager to dive in. The unboxing experience is simple but satisfying. You’ll find the glasses, charging case, cleaning cloth, and quick start guide.

To power up, connect the charging case to an outlet and place the glasses inside. The LEDs will pulsate to show the charging status. In under an hour, your Focals will be fully charged and ready to go.

Pairing With Your Phone

The real magic happens when you pair your Focals with the app on your iPhone or Android. Launch the app and follow the onscreen prompts to connect your glasses. The process only takes a few minutes and then you’re all set to start using your smart glasses!

Adjusting the Fit

Focals are designed to fit comfortably for most wearers, but you’ll want to adjust the nose pads and temple arms to your liking. The nose pads can be moved in or out for the perfect nose bridge fit. The temple arms also pivot inward or outward slightly to grip your head securely without pinching.

Learning the Controls

The subtle touchpad on the right temple arm is your control center for Focals. Single tap to activate the glasses, double tap to display notifications, swipe forward and back to navigate menus. It will take a little practice but soon controlling your smart glasses will become second nature.

With your Focals all set up and fitted comfortably, you’re ready to start experiencing augmented reality in a stylish package. The future is here, and it’s a bright one with Focals smart glasses.

Key Features and Capabilities: How Do Focals Work?

Focals North
Focals North Smart Glasses: My Honest Review 6

The Focals North smart glasses pack some impressive tech into a stylish frame. At their core, Focals are a wearable computer with an augmented reality display. They connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to provide information through the lens in a unobtrusive manner.

Adjustable lens display

Focals feature a holographic lens that can display notifications, messages, directions, and more while still allowing you to see through the lens. The display is adjustable so you can move and resize elements to suit your needs. You can check the weather, see who’s calling, get turn-by-turn walking directions, and more without having to pull out your phone.

Voice assistant

Focals work with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to get information, set reminders, control smart home devices, and complete other tasks using just your voice. You can say “Alexa, show me the weather” or “Remind me to call Mom at 5 PM” and Alexa will respond through the Focals display. The built-in microphone and speaker allow for a seamless voice experience.

Fit and style

Focals North smart glasses look like regular glasses and come in multiple styles to suit different face shapes and fashion tastes. They feel light and comfortable for all-day wear. The frames are available in round, square, and cat eye shapes in colors like black, tortoise shell, and rose gold. At a glance, no one will know you have a computer on your face—until you start interacting with the display or talking to Alexa, of course!

Overall, Focals North smart glasses aim to provide an augmented reality experience that feels intuitive and natural. By handling tasks through voice and visuals right in your line of sight, Focals can keep you connected without the distraction of constantly checking your phone. The key is that they work automatically in the background to give you the information you need precisely when you need it.

Real-World Testing: My Experience Wearing Focals

I was excited to take Focals out of the box and start using them. The glasses felt lightweight yet durable, and the embedded technology was nearly invisible. I downloaded the Focals app, paired the glasses to my phone via Bluetooth, and went through the calibration process which mapped the positioning of the display to my pupils.

Everyday Use

For the first few days, I wore Focals during routine activities like commuting, working, running errands, and socializing. The head-up display showed notifications for texts, calls, and apps in a subtle, non-distracting manner. Controlling the glasses with gestures and voice commands felt natural and responsive. The built-in Alexa assistant could answer questions, set reminders, and more without needing to grab my phone.

Streaming and Navigation

Focals really shone when streaming media and getting directions. I streamed podcasts, music, and audiobooks right to the glasses while out walking, freeing up my hands and not requiring headphones. The turn-by-turn navigation displayed directions clearly in my field of view so I never had to look away from where I was going. The map moved in real-time based on which way my head was turned.

Overall, Focals delivered an impressive augmented reality experience in a discreet, normal-looking pair of glasses. The head-up display enhanced everyday activities by providing useful information when I needed it without being obtrusive. While the technology still has room to improve, Focals point to an exciting future where AR glasses become as common as smartphones. My time testing Focals left me excited for what’s to come!

Who Are Focals For? Pros, Cons and Final Verdict

For Tech Enthusiasts

Focals appeal most to those interested in smart glasses and wearable technology. They offer a stylish, discreet way to access information and notifications on the go. However, the high price point means Focals are really only suitable for serious techies and early adopters. The good news is that as the technology improves, prices should come down over time.

Convenience and Productivity

Focals aim to make day-to-day tasks more convenient and help increase productivity. Things like getting directions, setting reminders, controlling smart home devices and more can all be done with simple voice commands. This hands-free functionality is ideal for multitasking or situations where your hands are full. However, the functionality is still somewhat limited and can’t replace your smartphone altogether.

Style and Comfort

Focals have been designed to look like regular glasses and fit comfortably for all-day wear. They are lightweight, adjustable and suitable for most face shapes and sizes. While Focals may not currently have mainstream appeal in terms of style, their discreet design is ideal for those wanting smart glasses that blend in. The comfort and adjustability also mean you can easily forget you’re wearing them.

Final Verdict

If you’re an early adopter interested in smart glasses, Focals are one of the best options currently available. They offer a stylish, comfortable design and useful functionality for productivity and convenience. However, the high price point and limited capabilities mean Focals won’t yet replace your smartphone. For mainstream appeal, the technology and style likely need to improve and prices drop. But as a first generation product, Focals show a lot of promise for the future of smart glasses.

Focals Glasses Worth it?

Focals North
Focals North Smart Glasses: My Honest Review 7

If you’re intrigued by the idea of augmented reality smart glasses but unsure if Focals North glasses are worth the investment, you’re not alone. At over $600, these futuristic specs don’t come cheap. But for those who’ve splurged on a pair, many say the experience of accessing information and navigating the real world hands-free makes the premium price tag worthwhile.

The most obvious benefit of Focals glasses is convenience. With just your voice or the flick of your finger, you can check messages, get directions, set reminders and more without pulling out your phone. The display is designed so information appears to float in your peripheral vision, allowing you to stay engaged with friends or focus on tasks without distraction.

Focals also aim to blend in as regular glasses so you can feel comfortable wearing them anywhere without drawing unwanted attention. They’re stylish, lightweight and customizable to your own prescription. While the tech isn’t perfect, Focals North is constantly improving software and releasing updates to enhance the user experience.

That said, Focals glasses may not yet be essential for most people. They’re still limited in capability compared to a smartphone and can be awkward to use for prolonged periods. The battery only lasts about a day, and recharging everyday could become tedious. They’re also not ideal if you regularly wear contact lenses or don’t need vision correction.

If staying on the cutting edge of technology and hands-free convenience appeal to you, Focals smart glasses could be worth the investment despite a few downsides. But for casual or budget-conscious users, sticking with your trusty smartphone is probably sufficient for now. As the tech improves, prices drop and capabilities increase, Focals glasses may become mainstream. However, that is still a ways off.


Ever had a question about Focals smart glasses you wanted answered? See the list of frequently asked questions below for further information.

Can I wear Focals over my prescription glasses?

Yes, Focals are designed to fit comfortably over most prescription eyewear. They weigh less than half an ounce, so you’ll barely notice them on your face. The adjustable nose pads and temple arms ensure a secure fit without pinching or sliding. If your glasses have particularly thick frames, Focals may not sit as close to your face, but will still function properly.

How do I control Focals?

Focals are controlled through gestures, taps and voice commands using the built-in microphone and motion sensors. To activate Focals, simply tap the right temple arm or say “Hey Focals”. Then you can navigate menus and select options by tapping the right or left temple arm, scrolling with a swipe gesture, or speaking commands like “message my wife”, “show map directions to 123 Main St.” or “play music”. The more you use Focals, the more intuitive the controls will become.

Can I make phone calls with Focals?

At this time, Focals north do not have the ability to directly make or receive phone calls. They are designed primarily for short bursts of visual information and notifications. However, Focals north can read incoming text messages and alerts to you, and allow you to respond using voice dictation. You will still need to use your smartphone to make and answer calls. Future versions of Focals north may include expanded calling features, but voice quality and connectivity are challenges to overcome.

How long does the battery last?

On average, Focals north provide up to 10 hours of active use per charge, depending on factors like screen brightness, volume level and usage. The included charging case can recharge Focals north up to four times between charges, providing up to 40 hours of power on the go.


You can see that Focals North smart glasses offer some cool features but still have room for improvement. The holographic display and Alexa integration are impressive, though battery life and connectivity could be better. If you want stylish AR glasses with basic functionality, Focals north are worth considering. But they’re pricey, so you may want to wait for the next generation. Either way, this technology is only getting more advanced. Augmented reality is here to stay, so get ready for the day when smart glasses can give you superpowers! Who knows what these devices will be capable of in just a few years. The future is unfolding before our eyes.

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